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The near real-time aircraft-to-ground crew insight into what’s happening when and where

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Leave Nothing To Chance

Time flies

Unreliable data has no place in aircraft safety procedures. Yet, for so long in the aviation industry, that’s what was happening. Issues with aircraft were being recorded on forms. Paper-based procedures leave big margins for human error. They take up time as reports need to be signed off and passed form engineers to ground crews. Digital is critical.  

OASES Techlog works where you work; whether the location you are in has a mobile phone/WIFI signal or not

The OASES Techlog provides automatically validated data within seconds of it being recorded. From aircraft to ground, the information flow is robust because it’s digital. That makes it sharable, viewable anywhere (cloud-based). It makes the process fast and safe. It automatically creates an audit trail. It does it all anywhere and everywhere since it does not require a connection to function.

Electronic Techlog empowers timely decisions

Always connected

Always current

Validated data


Validated data

Greater Safety From Smarter Data

OASES Electronic Techlog saves time and money, and provides significant safety benefits. This power-house of accurate and timely information harnesses the innovation and success of two leading aviation industry software companies into a simple, hand-held, cloud-based view of your entire fleet status.


See Techlog in action and see everything more clearly, faster and whenever and wherever you need to
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“Ensuring that only authorised flight crew and engineers are able to complete a technical log has always been a challenging area. We find the implementation of the ETL, and the ability to centrally manage user access, to be a particularly useful capability.”
Terry Clarke Airworthiness Surveyor for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
“Our Flight Crew and Engineers were already used to the concept of an ETL but from day one their feedback on the new ETL from NVable has been overwhelmingly positive and they see many advantages.”

Dave Cooper,
Line Maintenance Manager BA Cityflyer

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This Is What Success Looks Like

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On Aircraft

Each aircraft has at least one tablet device assigned to it, reducing the risk of incorrect logs being used and ensuring that line engineers have access to the correct state of the aircraft. We also recommend having a mobile printer so that a sector record can easily be left on the ground in locations where there is no data connectivity.

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On Ground

The CONVERGE partner portal allows access to all data, analysis and dashboards and provides user with functionality to control and configure the system. It enables deep integration with OASES modules and the most popular MRO software solutions.

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Data Interfaces

Collate, transform and forward data in whatever format you require.

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The Benefits Of Using OASES Techlog

Cost reduction

Reduced human errors

Defect alerting

Reduced time to complete techlog

Simpler line maintenance management

Automated data entry to maintenance system

Real-time visibility across your fleet

Timely data reporting and analytics

Improved operational efficiency